Everton defeated non-league side Boreham Wood 2-0

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Salomon Rondon scored twice as Everton defeated non-league side Boreham Wood 2-0 in the FA Cup to advance to Crystal Palace in the quarter-finals.

At Goodison Park, it was the FA Cup round of 16 with 8 minutes later, the hosts had a chance. Before Abdoulai Dukure pass the ball into Vitali, with Colenko to make a save, guess Ash. Bie- Hammond

Next to the 15th minute, blue toffee. Missed the opportunity to lead Anthony Gordon to allow Jarrad Brandhwet to charge a little out of the box ufabet.

Played until the 48th minute, Everton came on the left, Vitaly had Colenko inserted in, but Salomon Rondon couldn’t charge.

Less than two minutes later, the Toffees fans made an unbelievable mistake, Jonjo Kenny Cross from the right into Salomon Rondon’s head. But hit the ball under the ball and flew over the crossbar.

But in the 57th minute, the home team penetrated the net, Boram Wood succeed, Jonjo Kenny cut from the right for Salomon Rondon to shoot into the first post 1-0.

Then, in the 66th minute, Richarlison bounced back for Anthony Gordon, dropped by a single to dunk in the save, guessing Ashby-Hammond.

Everton sent the ball into the net in the 71st minute, Anthony Taylor’s semi-default shot hit the defender’s head and hit Richarlison in front of them again, but VAR caught the wrong moment. Usually before the forfeiture because the Brazilian striker made a handball.

However, the hosts led 2-0 in the 84th minute from a short corner on the left, Andros Townsend rocked the opener for Salomon Rondon to hit the full line, although Ashby-Hammond rounded off, but the ball crossed the line. the door is gone

The game ended with a 2-0 win over Boreham Wood to advance to Crystal Palace in the quarter-finals.